The Truth About You…


I believe, feel, and exist within the Universal Law of Expansion.

Every day our Universe is expanding (as proven by Science if that matters to you), as are we, simply by being a part of the Energy of All That Is.

It is our birthright to Expand into and with the Wholeness that is: Human and Spirit combined. We are born as both: loving ourselves, completely in love with our bodies, our energy, life itself, and those around us – this is our ‘default’ position. When we come into the world, ALL of us shows up, all of us is here as Wholeness.

Think of a time when you have been in the presence of a baby and how they simply take ‘delight in their being’. How much they love their bodies, their exuberance, their connection to everything, and their vivacious energy.

It’s like we are born with an Echo of Creation within us that shines out for all to delight in, then Society systematically sets about distracting us from it, and we eventually come to believe in a different reality from that which we were born.

So – what happens to that innate self-love that reverberates so apparently from babies?

As adolescents and adults we are left questioning: What is this life even for? Why am I here? and Why is the world SO broken? We yearn for a deeper connection, but we don’t know what with, or who… We mask the gaping hole with ‘partnering up’, drugs, alcohol, and consumerism. Having stuff, being stuff, stuffing the hole with STUFF.

This is the result of Separation. Systematic disillusionment which for the average Human seems to take around 13-15 years to be created. WE created this. It is NOT reality.

What if instead, you were born into a world where this innate self-love you contain is nurtured and sustained. Who might you be then?

If your world reflects the Wholeness you were born with as you grow up, who would you know yourself to be within that Wholeness? Who would you become?

A person with self-love cannot harm another. Therefore there would be no war, no violence, and no need for police, law, policy, or state. There would be Oneness, Sameness, and Compassion emanating as Creation’s True Echo. This is the REAL reality many of us are seeking.

The Truth is: this begins within you.

Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to go within you. Go to that part of you that has always known there is more, and listen to it. Listen with your whole body, not just your ears – FEEL what it has to say about the Truth of You.

As you still yourself, your frequency will shift – like a radio dial tuning into a station. Allow yourself to tune into the station of you.

By doing this, you allow the frequency of the physical you to become a match for the frequency of the energetic you, (your Soul). Once the frequency is the same, you will hear YOU. The True You, as you were born. The You that loves you, the you that is exuberant, the you that delights in simply being, playing and expanding. The you that feels the connection with everyone and everything else.

The you that is not really separated at all! but has simply been distracted for a while…

This place, is your Home Base – there is no hole or gap within you, because All of You has always been here. “You are not broken, you are Wholeness waiting to become.” (DZAR)

So, this is the Truth about you. Try it, you might like it.

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Be the Creator of your own world.

Echo of Creation


I Found My Heart On The Beach


In late 2014 I was contemplating a relationship break up, leaving my job, my home town, family, friends, pets, and essentially life as I knew it. Needless to say I was feeling pretty broken-hearted, lost, confused, and overwhelmed by what I was facing.

I drove out to the beach to try and clear my head. The coast of New Zealand’s South Island is often cold and blustery, yet I found myself somewhat calmed by the wildness of the weather as it seemed to mirror my internal turmoil.

Completely alone, I began walking against the wind, and braced myself as I stared out to sea looking for answers. I took in very deep breaths of icy cold air and my lungs opened for what seemed to be the first time in weeks. I was thinking about all that I stood to loose, including a very good man who loved me, and was trying to come to terms with it. Something had been tapping away at my Being for some time telling me that I did not belong in that particular life, and ignoring it had done me no good at all.

I continued walking for what seemed like an hour, and felt no further ahead with my flummoxed emotions. As I was heading back along some dryer sand I happened to glance down. Laying there in the sand was a tiny, red metallic heart. It completely stopped me in my tracks and I wondered how it got there, but more importantly I wondered how the wind had not covered it with sand!? It was completely nonsensical. Then a feeling washed over me that I had never felt before ~ a feeling of complete peace. I picked that tiny heart up, held it tight in my hand, and somehow knew that starting anew, I would be okay.

With renewed vigor I began striding back to the car, but then I began to wonder if this little heart ‘sign’ was indicative of my continued lonely heart ~ “just one on its own?”, I thought. If I move, will I still feel this alone when I get to where I’m going? Am I just running away from things?

It was at that very same moment, I looked down and saw a second tiny, red, metallic heart!! Again, it had not been covered by sand in the strong wind, and again it just happened to be where I was walking!. I thought, “this is ridiculous!”… so I began hunting around a very wide area to see if there were more. But there were not.

I stopped and stood still, and looked down at these two, tiny red hearts in my hand. That feeling came back, that ‘washing over of peace’. My feeling to leave my life to start a new one is right ~ my Soul knows what it’s doing!, I thought. I won’t leave here to find more loneliness, I will leave here to find other hearts like mine!

Fast forward 4 months ~ I had indeed moved North, was only just beginning to find my feet, and had discovered a Meetup Group that were about to attend a weekend Spiritual Retreat (Wisdom of the Ancients). I had never done anything like that before, but had a very, very strong feeling to go along.

On the first day, as I was taking my shoes off to enter the room that we were gathering in, I happened to look down, and what did I see?! but a scattering of the EXACT same tiny, red, metallic hearts just out from the door step!! I gasped in joyful exasperation, and tears welled in my eyes! But these ‘new little hearts’ (the people waiting inside), did not yet know me and I didn’t want my first impression to a confusing display of happy tears! Instead, my own heart swelled up like a balloon, as I sat down within this group of people and began to process and reflect back to that day on the beach. How it had felt when I found my ‘hearts’, and where the journey had ultimately led me. Home.

Fast forward a couple more months ~ I was out walking with one of my new friends from this amazing group of people, and as we were heading back to my car, she bent down and picked up yet another exact replica of the tiny, red, metallic heart! Another sign? As it turns out, she had been seeming to me to be like my Soul-sister from some, strange, parallel life as we had discovered we had SO much in common! A friend for life, and SHE had found a heart.

Fast forward a few more months, and I can now say that I have found my Soul-family, built some beautiful relationships and there is no doubt in my mind that these are the people I will grow old along side, and never leave behind.

I found my heart on the beach that day and when I allowed myself to follow it, AND open it, I also found other hearts like mine.

There are no coincidences, ever. And you are not alone, you just may not have found your tribe yet.

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I’m In A New Relationship… With Myself

There are two of me, and they haven’t always gotten along. In fact, they began this life facing in the opposite direction!

The human part of me, and the energy part of me just happen to be polar opposites. My Soul Essence, I have discovered, is bold, brave, and powerful. While the human part of me despite being born with a good dose of inquisitive-ness, has historically been painfully shy and extremely self-conscious.

This ‘wonderful’ combination has seen me spend around three decades now oscillating between exhilarating confidence, and crippling self doubt. Putting myself ‘out there’ undertaking big challenges and doing really well at them, then reverting back to hiding away, and questioning my very purpose for existence.

It has only been recently that these two parts of me have reached my full awareness in such a way that is allowing me to work with them, Compassionately. You see, after hitting a low point a while back the True Me decided to “Become All That I Was Ever Meant To Be” – and in the process of Becoming, this ‘old duality’ of me raised its head for one last party, I guess you could say.

On the one hand, I was having very deep ‘knowings’, powerful intuitions that were guiding me to make some huge life changes, and I did. While on the other hand, the human part of me was questioning everything I was doing, was doubting it, critical of it, and extremely fearful. My Soul Essence knew what was needed, and had moments of ‘being in the lead’, then my human side would crumble under the pressure of the negative thoughts it was creating.

After years of the Two Me’s wrestling each other well, …really it was my human-ness resisting my Soul; I have come to realise and understand what was needed was: my human element to allow a ‘side by side’ relationship with my energy element.

What was needed looks like this: a bridge made of Compassion in the true sense of the word. This bridge crosses a little river called ‘life’ – on one side of the river is my physical experience, and on the other is my Soul experience. Rather than being solely on one side, then the other, I have now found a way to unite both elements of Who I Am, in alignment. If I picture this bridge with me standing at the top of it, reaching down holding hands with both sides at the same time (with stretchy arms), I can then draw each element of me together.
In any given moment where I feel the need, I simply ask myself “Who Do I Know Myself To Be?” This allows me to stop and acknowledge both human and spirit together, and if needed, I reunite them then and there just by consciously and compassionately inviting them to do so.

This has been a deeply beautiful, sometimes frustrating, and finally, exhilarating experience! My new relationship with me is quite easily the most profoundly loving and compassionate relationship I have ever had. We are now working together. There is complete trust, honesty and genuineness. I have got my own back 100%, and I know that every decision I make is the right one for me; to learn and expand as I continue on my journey towards wholeness.

I have learned that all experiences are just that, experiences. For the most part, they are created by us, for us, to learn from and to expand more into our True Selves. They are not designed to become ‘stuck to us’ thereby defining us, as many of us decide to allow. They are an opportunity WE created for us to learn how to listen to the True Self through the noise of the ‘human experience’.

We tend to take ourselves so seriously, well I know I used to. But this life is just a small blip on the journey of all the lives we have had before and are yet to come. So what are you here to learn this life time? I know that a big part of what I am here to learn is to live as the True Self (Human and Spirit together), aligned, balanced and ultimately connected to Compassion – the part of me that is the same as All That Is.
That’s the essence of the oscillating experiences I so compassionately created back then for myself to overcome.

Now I get to have other experiences as the NEW ME! – the True Self, and I am so excited to take this new, aligned ‘model’ out for a spin to see how she handles in rough weather! No more oscillating for me!!

So, Who would You be if you were able to get out of your own way?

Enlightenment is simple: it’s like standing in a dark room, then realising all you need to do is turn the light switch on. Light was always present waiting for you to choose it.”

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A letter to my 13 year old Niece

Oprah Winfrey recently released a book called “Things I know for Sure” – As someone nearing the middle of their life, I would like to offer a “thus far” version of this to my niece on her 13th birthday in the hopes that she will one day read it.

Dear ‘Anna’,

You know the Movie “Avatar” you love so much? – What do you feel each time you watch it? and Why do you never grow bored of seeing it? I wonder if it is because it is closer to the truth than what you may have been taught at school – about life so far, and some part of you senses this?

What if I told you that I’ve discovered Einstein was right: E = Mc2 (everything is energy)?

What if I told you that the earth is alive, and that as a living thing it must have a soul? All living things have a type of soul, even animals and plants. There is both the physical, and the energy part that exists within everything and everyone, and this joins us all together.

We all come from the same Source are designed to work together – human beings and the world. We once did this beautifully. We hold the potential to work in harmony, and the key to achieving this is for more and more people to reunite with their soul essence, and to realize who they truly are. For it is only people that experience a sense of separation from themselves that are capable of acts of depletion, corruption and violence.

But if I focus on what separated people are doing and choose to feel sad, angry, scared or hopeless this energy I’m emitting via my thoughts and feelings actually feeds into and perpetuates the separation (depletion, corruption, and violence).

You see, energy reflects energy. This is the only thing you ever really need to know about life.

What I do with my energy is like a pebble in the pond, and it ripples out into my environment, into the world, into the Universe.

Energy/we are powerful, but we are taught that we are not. We are taught that power is external, but our ‘teacher’ is experiencing separation.

We have been taught to think small, be small and remain small but this does not serve our world. The universe is constantly expanding, and wants you (the expression of your soul) to do the same. Desperately – for this is what will save our world.

So how do you go about expanding your energy throughout your life?

It is frustratingly simple:

  • Allow your unique gifts to shine by remaining forever curious about your own potential
  • Listen to your inner knowing above any advice or societal conditioning/expectations
  • Move through any experiences that may thwart your expansion (my previous blog will explain how)
  • Nurture yourself, be kind and compassionate to yourself, as well as loyal. Always.

May you one day read this, and find freedom in these words.

May my nearly 40 years of life benefit and assist the early part of your journey in only the best of ways.

Happy birthday ‘Anna’.

Lots of Love…